Ingrid Arthur

Former singer of “The Weather Girls”, touring with James Last and dedicating her free time to assist in the leadership of the Gospel Choir of the PFF church in Berlin, Germany, Ingrid Arthur is continuing the increase of the 100%-Gospel-Workshop-Berlin, inviting all those, who love to worship HIM through song, to come and learn all there is to know about Gospel! To know more about Ingrid, take a look at her website:


Like the other committee members,

her love for music has led her to the PFF Gospel Choir. The love to sing praises for the LORD is what Biwi wants to share with those, who wish to enjoy an everlasting and fulfilling experience by joining the Dream Team and pleases us with her translations during the workshops !


For more than 10 years Básheba belongs to the PFF Congregation. After a concert

of the 100%-Gospel-Workshop-Choir she knew that she will and had to be part of the project. Since 2008 she supports the Team in all organisational tasks and became Ingrid's right-hand. She puts all her heart and effort in all her projects and duties.


His love for Gospel music brought him to the workshops 2011-2013.

Since 2014 he is a permanent part

of the Dream Team. And – since

2012 Greg is the manager of

Ingrid Arthur. 



As a frequent participant at 100%-Gospel Workshops, Wendy

has always been moved by the fellowship and joy that this brand

of Gospel music creates! As the newest member of the Dream Team (joining in the Spring of 2018),

she will channel her energy and creativity into boosting our Publicity and Marketing. So inspired,

So happy to spread the Word!